Youngstar Account

Why should I open a savings account for my child?

It’s never too early for your child to learn the ropes of financial management. A Youngstar Account is especially tailored to the needs of your child. With only Kes 1,000, open a savings account for your child today to start building for a better tomorrow. Grow them into a saving culture with the best interest earning savings account for your child.

Below are the reasons to open a Youngstar savings account today.


  1. Opening & Minimum balance of Kes 1,000
  2. Free deposits to the the account
  3. Free standing orders from any ABC Bank account
  4. Account available in USD, GBP and EUR
  5. One free withdrawal per month


  1. One free banker’s cheque per quarter
  2. Competitive interest earned
  3. Free internal transfers within the ABC Bank branch network
  4. Insurance services through ABC Insurance
  5. Free e-statements