Youngstar Account

Are you a parent to a minor between the ages of 0-18 years? If yes, then the Youngstar account is your best kids savings account to help you instill in your child the importance of saving right from an early. They will adopt a savings culture teaching them the value of money and how they can save for future purchases.

Features & Benefits

  1. Opening & Minimum Balance of Kes. 1,000 or equivalent
  2.  Free Deposits to the Account
  3. Free standing orders from any ABC Bank account
  4. Account also available in USD, GBP,EURO and S.A Rand
  5. Youngstar Card for the account holder
  6. Secure and reliable Internet Banking that allows you to carry out RTGS, EFTs, SWIFTS, Standing Order Instructions and other bank requests giving you safe, and secure access to your money whenever you need it
  7. Insurance services through our partner group of companies – ABC Insurance