About Us

African Banking Corporation (ABC) Bank Limited is a financial services institution with 38 years experience that is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. We operate across the country through 11 branches, working with over 55,000 customers to make them ACHIEVE THE EXTRAORDINARY.

We provide reliable and efficient services including banking, stock brokerage, investment advisory, insurance, risk management and financial services. Regionally we operate in Uganda through our subsidiaries ABC Uganda and ABC Capital Uganda.

Our journey began on 13th November 1984 when we first opened our doors as Consolidated Finance Company, a Nairobi-based lending institution. Over the next decade we strategically expanded our operations and in the early nineties we positioned our business to give us a solid foundation in a rapidly changing economic environment and to prepare the lender for the next phase of growth.
In 1994 we began our transformation journey to become a fully fledged commercial bank and on 8th December 1994 this process came to fruition when the Central Bank of Kenya officially licensed African Banking Corporation (ABC) Bank as a commercial bank.

ABC Bank has since then expanded to 11 branches across the country, working with individuals, small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs), corporations, religious and learning institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other customers to provide reliable and efficient services.
Our operating history is over 38 years which has enabled our customers to realize their potential while sustainably contributing to communities where they operate and the wider economy. At ABC Bank, we empower you to ACHIEVE THE EXTRAORDINARY.

Our people are highly skilled and trained professionals dedicated, enabling ABC Bank’s customers to obtain the products and services that fit their needs and goals.

ABC Bank has diverse, innovative, and customized financial solutions for businesses, organisations, and retail customers that include: asset finance, trade finance, and international and local remittance solutions, invoice discounting, overdrafts and term loans.

We have over 50,000 customers with a growing balance sheet that stands at over Kes 33 Billion.

Our History

ABC Bank was started in 1981, At the time of its inception, the market lacked options for consumers in terms of personalized service and tailor-made solutions. Consolidated Finance Company Limited opened its doors on 13th of November 1984 to address this market need, with its registered office in Nairobi, Kenya.

The growth of Consolidated Finance Company Limited was rapid yet steady over the first nine years and by 1994, Consolidated Finance Company Limited became one of the leading Financial Institutions in the country.

With this solid background and the continued reforms in banking regulations, Consolidated Finance Company had positioned itself to take advantage of these changes to offer more services and support to its customers. Thus, upon gazettement of legislation allowing financial institutions to convert into banks, Consolidated Finance Company immediately transformed, giving rise to African Banking Corporation Limited (ABC), which officially opened its doors in January, 1995.

The ABC Bank Group Companies comprise of

  1. ABC Bank
  2. ABC Capital Bank – Uganda
  3. ABC Capital Limited (Stock Brokerage)
  4. ABC Insurance Brokers Ltd