Target Account

Looking for a savings account to help you save towards your goal?

ABC Target Account offers you the perfect avenue to save towards your goals. Earn interest while saving, whether you are dreaming of the best education for yourself or your child, buying a car, taking a holiday, raising a deposit for a house or saving for emergencies, our Target Account will make your dreams a reality. Let’s ensure that you activate the cardinal rule of managing money – Reward yourself by paying yourself first.

Here’s why the Target Savings Account is your best bet on savings.


  1. Opening balance of Kes. 1,000
  2. Minimum monthly instalments of Kes 1,000 per month
  3. No bank charges
  4. Flexible saving duration from six months to ten years
  5. No MasterCard debit card/Cheque book issued
  6. Account also available in Kes, USD, GBP and EUR


  1. Competitive interest earned
  2. Guaranteed returns