Qatar Diaspora Tour is on – 31st October

Our diaspora team pose with the Green Maasai troupe in Qatar

Our ABC Bank Diaspora team was on tour in Qatar from 31st October to 10th November. The team met up with various Kenyan groups in an effort to reach more Kenyans living in the diaspora. The tour ended on a high note with a comedy show organized by ABC Bank and Username Investments and hosted by our re-known comedian MC Jesse.

This is the second visit to Qatar after a successful tour in 2017. The team utilized the opportunity to reinforce relations with its customers there, as well as forge new ones. The tour is part of the Bank’s plan for Diaspora engagement and partnership-building to leverage the business opportunities that the Diaspora Community can benefit from.

ABC Bank prides itself in providing distinguished financial service to Kenyans in the Diaspora, focusing not on remittances only, but on investments as well. The Bank also offers professional investment advice to customers to enable them to make informed investment decisions and enlighten them on the best investment opportunities available in Kenya.

The Tour Itinerary

Date Activity
November 1 Meeting with Kenyans during FC Kenya Football tournament, Green Maasai troupe and Kenyans in Qatar Chama meeting
November 2 Attend a church service at Religious Complex Doha
November 3 Meeting with Qatar Airways staff at HQ Doha
November 4 Pilots meet up in the evening at City centre
November 5 Attend a church Fellowship at GIAM International, Doha.
November 6 Corniche Diaspora Sacco officials meeting
November 7 Meeting with Corniche Investments Ltd members at Business Park (Holiday Inn)
November 8 Comedy Night at Rotana in conjunction with Username Investments and hosted by MC Jesse
November 9 Follow up meetings at Holiday Inn Business Park Hotel


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