Retail M-pesa – This is the best known M-Pesa person to person Money Transfer service that allows individuals within the safaricom network to send and receive funds through their phones. ABC Bank offers this service over the counter in all its network of branches.

Super Agency M-Pesa – This is a service whereby an existing M-Pesa Agent with a Store Management till number can purchase and off-load float at any of our branches.

M-Pesa pay bill – this is a service that gives our clients the flexibility to receive payments from their customers directly into their bank account via M-pesa. Through this facility, an SME or Corporate client can receive multiple payments through M-Pesa directly in their account held in the bank. Customers can also deposit money into their ABC bank accounts using the paybill number 111777

Bulk M-Pesa – this is a convenient method that enables our clients disburse funds to a number of people via their M-Pesa Account through one consolidated transaction.

Account to M-pesa – This is a service that allows customers (whether in the diaspora or in Kenya) to move money from their account to any M-Pesa wallet in Kenya on the Internet Banking platform.