Global Savings Account

Are you keen and serious about setting aside a portion of your liquid assets while you earn a monetary return? Then our ABC Global Savings Account is your best bet. It is designed to encourage you to save as you take advantage of the higher interest rate and flexible terms. The ABC Global Savings account is your home for the best savings interest rates.

Features & Benefits

  1. Opening and minimum balance is Kes 5,000
  2. Minimum interest earning balance Kes 10,000 or equivalent
  3. Account also available in USD, GBP, EUR, S.A Rand
  4. No cheque book and ATM issued on this account
  5. Competitive interest rates
  6. Unlimited deposits
  7. Secure and reliable Internet Banking that allows you to carry out RTGS, EFTs, SWIFTS, Standing Order Instructions and other bank requests giving you safe, and secure access to your money whenever you need it
  8. Free monthly statements
  9. Free investment advise through our partner group of companies – ABC Capital
  10. Insurance services through our partner group of companies – ABC Insurance
  11. Ability to apply for Personal loans, Mortgages and Construction loans