Global Salary Account

Our ABC Global Salary Account is a cost effective transactional account that allows you – the client – to transact throughout the month with ease and at very affordable costs.

Features & Benefits

  1. Opening and minimum balance Kes. 2,000
  2. Minimum Interest earning balance of Kes. 25,000
  3. ATM Card and Cheque book issued on the account
  4. Kes 100 monthly charges
  5. Competitive interest rates that accrue on a monthly basis credited every six months
  6. Account also available in USD, GBP,EURO and S.A Rand
  7. Secure and reliable Internet Banking that allows you to effect EFT, Standing orders, RTGS, Interbank transfers etc at your convenience giving you free access to your money whenever you need it
  8. Ability to apply for Personal loans, Mortgages and Construction loans