Global Current Account

The ABC Diaspora Current Account provides an instantly accessible home for your money. It is designed with the financial flexibility you need to manage your day-to-day life and cater for your financial needs while in the diaspora.

  1. Opening and minimum balance of Kes. 5,000 and no ledger fees
  2. No limit on deposits
  3. A charge of Kes. 300 monthly for balances below Kes. 5,000
  4. Issue of a Kenya Shilling or US Dollar Direct Debit MasterCard that you can use worldwide;
  5. Cheque book available upon request
  6. Secure and reliable Internet Banking that allows you to carry out RTGS, EFTs, SWIFTS, Standing Order Instructions and other bank requests giving you safe, and secure access to your money whenever you need it.
  7. Competitive interest rates that accrue on a monthly basis and are credited to your account every six months; minimum balance to earn interest Kes. 10,000

  1. Account also available in USD, GBP,EURO and S.A Rand
  2. Customer determines the interest to be earned depending on their deposits. The higher you saves, the higher you earn.
  3. Sweep facility gives you extra convenience by allowing you access to higher interest rates
  4. Payment of various commitments via Internet Banking and Cheque
  5. Free investment advise through ABC Capital, one of our Group Companies
  6. Insurance services through ABC Insurance, another of our Group Companies
  7. Ability to apply for Personal loans, Mortgages and Construction loans