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ABC Diaspora Banking|Diaspora Funeral Expense


ABC Bank in its endeavors to take care of all your Financial needs has   believes that Life, Health and Security of your loved ones is of utmost priority, and so through our banc assurance unit we have designed an Insurance product abc D’ Bouquet  

  1. abc D’ Bouquet

This is an Insurance product package designed  for Kenyan’s living in the Diaspora, it provides both ‘Living Benefits’ and ‘Death Benefits’ as illustrated below.

  1. Diaspora Return Ticket

The sum assured provided can be used to purchase a travel ticket and for contributions towards the funeral expense for the departed. The cover provides a shared cover in case of the death of either of parents, spouse, children or siblings who live in Kenya. The amount is payable once on the first demise of any of the above dependents during the insurance period.

  1. Diaspora Funeral Expense

A solution to cater for the last expense to ensure that Kenyans and their families living in the Diaspora receive a dignified funeral and return home in the unfortunate event of death. It also covers repatriation of the body back home

  1. Remittance Insurance

On loss of life of the Assured member (In the Diaspora) the next of kin in Kenya will receive payment of either Kshs. 100,000 per month for 12 months or Kshs. 50,000 for 24 months Apart from the Life cover, Permanent Total Disability is also covered.

Click here to view the abc D’ Bouquet options.

Download abc D’ Bouquet brochure: abc D`bouquet

Download Life insurance Cover brochure: Life Insurance Cover

Download application form: Application Form

Download claim form: Claim Form

  1. Medical Insurance

If you are a Non Resident Kenyan, and your family is in Kenya then your key concern would be for them to access Medical attention as and when it is required, our Medical Insurance cover for the Diaspora client, will enable you plan for any such eventualities in terms of funds required and give you a peace of mind.

Download brochure: Health Insurance

Download a medical form : Medical Form

  1. Pension

This is an individual Pension Scheme regulated and Licensed by IRA and offered by Insurance Companies, the product is ideal for self employed individuals and Contract employees due to flexibility of payments ,Tax advantages  and competitive returns , the minimum monthly contribution is Kshs 5,000/=

Download Individual Retirement brochure: Individual Retirement

Download Remittance details brochure: remittance

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