ABC Global Loan Products

Do you picture yourself owning property in Kenya? If so, ABC Bank is the right bank to assist with your home buying loan giving you the golden opportunity to finance and own property. With this product, you can purchase an existing developed residential property and get up to 80% financing at 15.9%.


  1. Bank finances 80% of the purchase price and borrower pays the remaining 20%
  2. Loan or property values should be from a minimum of Ksh. 2.5 million to a maximum of Ksh. 20 million
  3. Must be a salaried individual or self employed providing proof of income with a minimum gross salary /income of Kshs 100,000 or equivalent in foreign currency.
  4. The property has to be a developed residential property
  5. Maximum Mortgage repayment period is up to 15 years depending on age,  retirement or financing level
  6. ABC Direct Access Mortgage allows you to make lump sum deposits and withdrawals on your home loan account
  7. Approvals made within 14 days after receipt of all documentation
  8. Access to a dedicated Diaspora Relationship Manager that will assist you throughout the entire process
  9. Take advantage of our competitive variable interest rates linked to CBK base rate
  10. Low one-off facility fee of 2%

As a Bank, we believe real-estate development is an integral part to ensuring growth of your well being. Our land purchase facility is developed to meet these needs.


  1. Maximum loan repayment period of 5 years
  2. Maximum loan amount of Kshs 20,000,000
  3. Financing to a maximum of 70% of the land sale value
  4. Competitive variable interest rates
  5. Commitment fee of only 1% of the loan amount
  6. Land MUST HAVE a clean TITLE DEED of which ABC will verify with the Lands office.

These loans are tailored to clients wishing to develop property for residential or commercial use.


  1. Repayment period is determined by construction period and repayment capacity
  2. 60% bank financing of construction cost only to first time loan applicants or without any other property
  3. 70% or more bank Financing for those with extra security
  4. Bank will give Moratorium period during construction period where you ONLY pay the interest
  5. Client to finance land acquisition that is to be developed from personal sources
  6. Loan is self secured by legal charge over property to be developed

ABC Global Asset Requirements

  1. Three (3) current colored passport photos (taken within the last  6 months)
  2. Copy of latest 6 months bank statements
  3. Copy of last 3 months pay slips or evidence of income if self employed
  4. Evidence of clients’ contribution (financing deposit required)
  5. Copy of identification document – Kenyan ID or Passport; legal alien documentation also accepted, e.g. National Passport, Green Card, Alien ID Card
  6. Proof of current residential address through original or certified copy of a utility bill not older than 3 months from electric, water, gas or phone company; bank statement, credit card bill, driving license if in North America or Europe; statutory documents like yearly tax returns e.g. P60 for UK and W2 for US
  7. Proof of Income; if employed provide copy of Offer Letter from employer; or original or certified copies of most recent 3 months pay slip or bank statements; or any document to prove employment status; for self employed persons provide certified copy of company registration certificate or proof of income.

  1. Have an ABC Bank Mortgage Account
  2. Bank statements for the last twelve (12) months
  3. Duly signed sale agreement by both parties and witnessed by a lawyer
  4. Copy of Title Lease Agreement (minimum period should be 45 years)
  5. Net disposable income should be at least 30% of net income so as to accommodate domestic expenses
  6. Certificate of Official Property Search from  Land Registry
  7. Tenancy agreements for any rented property

  1. Company / Business profile
  2. 6 months current bank statements
  3. Company KRA PIN Certificate
  4. Certified copy of Incorporation
  5. Memorandum & Articles of Incorporation
  6. Board/Directors resolution authorizing borrowing
  7. 3 years audited accounts and current management accounts
  8. Satisfactory credit appraisal and approval
  9. Execution of all legal documents

  1. Duly filled, signed and dated Loan Application Form
  2. Provision of all documents required on the Loan Application Checklist
  3. Read, understand and accept the Terms & Conditions
  4. Professional property valuation to be carried out by valuer on ABC Bank’s panel
  5. Evidence that statutory approvals have been obtained e.g. National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) approvals, County and Municipal Council approvals, Approved Architectural plans
  6. Rent and rates clearance certificate
  7. Profile of professionals undertaking the construction project e.g. architect, quantity surveyor, structural engineer, contractors
  8. Copies of signed contracts between Developer and Contractor
  9. Bills of Quantities from a practicing Quantity Surveyor
  10. Provision of the approved building plans and structural drawings
  11. Contractors agreement specifying duration of the project and performance bond
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