Chama Account

Wondering how to take your Chama to the next level?

Unity is strength. Inject a new burst of energy into your investment group with a financial plan full of benefits, and tailored for your growth. Enjoy zero charges and access lending facilities by opening a Chama account.

In addition to zero charges, here are more reasons to open a Chama account.


  1. Opening and Minimum balance of Kes 1000
  2. No account maintenance charges
  3. No ledger fees
  4. Account also available in USD, GBP & EUR
  5. Access to lending facilities * (temporary overdrafts and term loans)
  6. Cheque book facility available


  1. 1 Free Bankers Cheque per quarter
  2. One Free Internal standing order
  3. Free financial advice for Groups
  4. Free support for Book-keeping
  5. Access to investment opportunities and professional advice through our partners
  6. Roll-over of funds into a Fixed Deposit Account with competitive rates.
  7. 24Hour TAT for TOD facilities
To learn more on how to open a Chama account.