ABC Kwaheri Insurance Plan


ABC Kwaheri Plan is a life insurance cover for final expenses, to cater for costs during that moment of grief.

The insurance premium covers you (the principal), 1 spouse, 4 children/4 siblings, 2 parents and 2 parents in law in the unfortunate event of death. We have designed this product to be convenient and affordable so that you can enjoy peace of mind during these uncertain times.

Please see below for more information.

Several of my colleagues and I got the axe in April this year due to the ongoing pandemic. This has taken a huge toll on me as I had not preempted it.

Thinking that the worst was behind me, I lost my father in law to a short illness in June. With kids at home and my husband as the sole breadwinner, we didn’t think we’d hack this one.

When I took up the ABC Kwaheri Insurance Plan late last year, I was a little skeptical. I remember a friend of mine told me I had just invited bad luck to my household.

As I look back, I am certain that had it not been for the cover, mzee would not have had a decent send-off as he did.

Asante ABC Insurance for coming through.

Jane. W

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