ABC Bank zooms in on Dubai customers- 7th December 2016

ABC Bank is planning a week long marketing blitz to the world’s luxury capital-Dubai, in an effort to strengthen ties with its Diaspora customer base as well as create new relationships. The trip, from 11th to 17th December, will see the bank’s Diaspora banking team hold meetings with different groups of Kenyans living and working there.

The meetings will be at Transguard accommodations, Palm Beach Hotel in Jumeirah, Atlantis Hotel, and Arkan Securities

The trip is part of ABC Bank’s strategy on Diaspora engagement and partnership-building to harness the emerging opportunities both in the Middle East and in Kenya that the Diaspora Community can take advantage of.

ABC Bank recognizes the crucial role Kenyans in Diaspora play in building the economy of the motherland Kenya, and is keen on partnering with them to conveniently midwife that process. For instance, Kenyans working abroad increased the money they sent back to the country by 6.3 per cent in June to hit a record Sh15.6 billion, according to the latest data from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

ABC Bank prides itself in providing distinguished financial service to Kenyans in the Diaspora, focusing not on remittances only, but on investments as well. Some of the investment products the bank offers to Diaspora clients (groups and individuals) include construction and project financing, mortgages/home loans, land purchase financing and asset financing among many others. The bank also offers professional investment advice to customers to enable them make informed investment decisions and enlighten them on the best investment opportunities available in Kenya.

Additionally, ABC Bank has a wide range of international money transfer services that customers can use to conveniently and securely send funds to their loved ones back in Kenya. Our award-winning Internet Banking service and user-friendly iOS and Android App which offer customers a borderless, seamless and convenient banking experience; secure local and international account-to-account transfers, mobile transfers and much more. It literally makes you your own bank teller, using PC, mobile or tablet.