ABC Bank quenches thirsty Marianist OLN Primary School pupils- 5th October, 2016

Marianist OLN tank presentation

ABC Bank has donated an 8,000 liter water tank to Marianist OLN Primary School in the Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums in Nairobi.

The school, under the Marianist Congregation of the Catholic Church has over 2,500 pupils with a section for children with special needs.

The area experiences constant water shortage due to the high population, making safe drinking water a rare commodity. Besides drinking water, the school also feeds the large population of pupils at lunch time, and therefore uses large quantities of water per day. When the main pipe dries up, the school administration is forced to buy water from vendor, incurring huge additional costs.

Additionally, the water from vendors is not safe for consumption unless purified but the school lacks the capacity to purify water for the large population.

However, with the tank donation from ABC Bank, the school can supplement its water reserves to sustain them through dry days.

Speaking during the presentation of the tank at the school, Group CEO Sridhar Natarajan noted that ABC Bank seeks to balance its business strategy with social support programmes that will lift the living standards of Kenyan communities, especially the less privileged.

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