ABC Bank Diaspora Tours

ABC Bank Diaspora team led by Head of Diaspora Joseph Waithaka tours the diaspora frequently to engage with customers and strengthen relations with our Diaspora customer base.

Our last tour before the pandemic was the New Year Diaspora tour (3rd Jan – 9th March 2020) where the team met up with various Kenyan groups in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Missouri states in the USA and met various investment groups including Kenya North America Diaspora Sacco, car dealership owners among others.

In October 2019, we had the Qatar Diaspora tour where we held a comedy show and met different Kenyan groups and professionals in Doha.

Last year in April, our diaspora team were in the USA where they met up with different groups and attended a Gala dinner for one of our customers who runs Upendo Children’s Home in Murang’a.

These tours help us engage with our customers and understand their evolving needs. Meeting customers, listening to them and seeing first hand their experiences in the diaspora helps us provide financial products that are customized to their needs.

Our previous tours include:

2018 Diaspora UK Tour

2018 Diaspora US Tour

2017 Diaspora US Tour