Custodial Services

A custodian is a financial institution regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in addition to licensing by Central Bank of Kenya.
ABC bank is a custodian offering various investment products as enumerated below.

The investment services we offer are:

  • Quoted Shares Trading
  • Treasury Bills
  • Treasury Bonds
  • Nominee Accounts

Quoted Shares Trading
When you buy shares, you buy a part of the company and are referred to as a share-holder. We facilitate buying and selling of shares listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Benefits of buying quoted shares:

  • Appreciation of the market value of the shares
  • Dividend payments – some companies will give a certain ratio of each share as income to shareholders
  • Bonus & Rights issues – some companies sometimes offer additional shares or the right to buy shares at lower than market prices.
  • One needs to seek advice from an authorized investment advisor to maximize these benefits effectively. We offer advisory services through our subsidiary, ABC Capital.

Once you decide on what to buy or sell, ABC Custody facilitates purchase and sale of quoted shares.

Our Services for Quoted Shares
We open a CDS Account at CDSC on your behalf.
CDSC stands for Central Depository & Settlement Corporation, a registered limited company approved by the Capital Markets Authority for purposes of holding of listed and non-listed securities on behalf of investors among other duties. Kindly click here for more on CDSC:

We trade (buy or sell) quoted shares on your behalf.

We facilitate deposit of your shares certificate to your CDS account (shares immobilization).

You can view your investment portfolio by signing up for the CDSC portal:

The Process for Quoted Shares

  • Complete CDS account opening form
  • Submit one colored photo, KRA PIN and ID copy
  • Fund Account
  • Complete shares order form
  • ABC Bank trades the shares

Treasury Bills
A treasury bill is paperless short-term borrowing (up to one year) instrument issued by the Government through the Central Bank of Kenya to raise money for government projects.
Treasury bills are issued weekly by the Central bank of Kenya
You can invest in maturities of 91, 182 and 364 days

Benefits to the investor:

  • The investment is risk-free
  • The investor gets a discount on funds invested
  • The investor can use the T-bill to save for a short-term goal

Indicative T-bill rates can be viewed from the previous week’s auction results:

Treasury Bonds
A Treasury bond is a medium to long term borrowing instrument issued by the government through the Central Bank to the public.
Treasury bonds are issued monthly by the Central bank of Kenya in maturities of 2 to 30 years
You can invest in the same from either the primary or the secondary market.

Benefits to the investor:

  • The investment is risk-free – Your principal plus interest will be returned
  • The investor receives interest on the principle amount bi-annually
  • The investor can use the T-bond to save for a medium to long-term goal

Please see below link for this month’s T-bond offer:

Our Services for Treasury Bills & Bonds

We provide you with information/ education on investing in T-bills/bonds
We buy and sell (or receive maturities) T-bonds/bills on your behalf
We collect interest on the bond on your behalf

The Process for Treasury Bills & Bonds

  • Fund Account
  • Complete & Send us T-bill/bond order form
  • ABC Bank invests for you
  • ABC Bank credits your account with coupons(interest) and maturities when due

Nominee Account
You give authority to the bank, through a custodial agreement, to facilitate operations on your financial assets including bank deposits, treasury bills and bonds, shares, REITs, corporate bonds, etc.
Services offered include:

  • Keep your assets safe
  • Trade securities according to your instructions and facilitate settlement for the same.
  • Receive maturities and income due on your behalf.
  • Manage any corporate actions (any events such as interest on investments, share dividends, bonuses, rights and splits) due to the securities held.
  • Keep records of securities held and provide you with periodic reports.

Benefits of a Nominee Account.

  • It moves the burden of administration of assets from you to the bank. Examples of services provided include bidding for treasury bills on your behalf, receiving interest on investments and preparation of consolidated investment reports.
  • It provides a platform to consolidate all your investments in one place for ease of accountability and traceability by yourself. This eliminates a scenario where you have to keep track of your various investments in different accounts and brokers, e.g. Shares account, T-bill account, Fixed Deposit account, etc.
  • The bank will regularly update you with information relating to your financial assets.

The Process for Nominee Accounts

  • Complete an account opening form
  • Sign a Custodial Agreement
  • Submit one colored photo, KRA PIN and ID copy
  • Fund Account
  • Complete shares order form, Treasury Bill/Bond form or Fixed Deposit Form
  • ABC Bank transacts & sends you a statement

The advantage of investing through a custodian is the safety of your financial assets.

Invest in the Nairobi Securities Exchange products through our custodial services.

For more information contact our Custodial team via