Savings & Investment Accounts

We offer you a wide range of innovative and customer-centric financial solutions that make us your everyday bank of choice. With multiple channels and competitive interest rates on all savings accounts, you have the freedom of choice of how to bank; we have placed in your hands control of your money. We continue to innovate to give you an unparalleled banking experience and to enable you make the most of your relationship with us.

Youngstar – Grow them into a saving culture with the ABC Youngstar account.

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Pure Savers – Get closer to your goals with the ABC Pure Savers Account.

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Target Account – Solutions to help you meet your goals.

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Flexi Fixed – A highly innovative account that allows you to budget your requirements and automatically sweeps all amounts above the budget to a high yielding term deposit product. It also gives the flexibility to re-invest the interest earned or credit the account with your interest. You can also borrow against your funds and liquidate the fixed deposit on a Last in, First out basis thus maximizing returns.

Fixed Deposit Account – This is a high yielding account with a variety of tenors that guarantees maximum returns to suit individual needs.